self portrait on a hubcap

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is Lisa Marie Stevens, I make images. I capture the world around me as though writing a diary with images rather than words. The images made are frozen moments of time, cross sections of my life. They are memories of where I've been and who I've been with. It's the moment, a gesture, a color, a shape, the light, a shadow, an expression or a feeling that gets me.  My work is either straight photography of things I see that catch me, or illustrations of things I see that move me. These illustrations are usually layered images captured or they could be made by using  long exposures and camera movement or light painting with the express intent of illustrating what I am feeling at the moment.
I am currently exploring alternative processes and branching out into pottery and multi-media sculptures out of wood found in nature.
I follow my own way
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