I made a 5x7 box camera out of black foam board and a lens scabbed from an old box camera. My film choice here was paper negative made with cyanotype chemicals on Canson Bristol Smooth paper. Hours long exposures were made depicting a theme of a long period of time. Stillness, patience and focus are not my strong virtues and the year 2020 has been a lesson in all so far. So why not just jump in the pool and test the waters. I first started inverting the scanned negatives giving the nice blue color but soon I realized the length of exposure time and length of time the chemicals had been on the paper before exposing made it difficult to keep the final color uniform. As these experiments progressed I decided to convert to black and white. And, further more, I began to experiment with double exposures and became accepting of the flaws and the imperfect quality of the paper negative using cyanotype chemicals.

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